Photography Masterclass Affiliate Program

If you refer others to this product and they make a purchase, you will receive 60% of the sale on all orders that you have referred. If you have a blog, website, e-mail list, or are on any sort of social network, get ready to start making money!

Photography Masterclass is created by the same author who created Trick Photography and Special Effects which has remained the #1 most popular ClickBank photography product for 2 years.

As explained on the main sales page, Photography Masterclass is an online video course for beginner and intermediate photographers. The 12 hour course covers the essential core information that every photographer must know before calling themseves a "photographer". The information inside the course is divided up into the following four modules: Mastering the DSLR, Equipment, Composition, and Post-Production.


Below are instructions to freely sign up to become an affiliate.

> > > Be sure to read this ENTIRE page BEFORE promoting! < < <


Sign Up Here

  • Step 1:
    Sign up on ClickBank and get your ClickBank ID. This process takes less than 60 seconds and is completely painless. In case you don't know what ClickBank is, it's a very well known online marketplace that allows vendors (people who are selling products) to automatically give commissions to their affiliates (people who promote vendor's products). You can create an account directly here if you don't want to read their introduction text.

  • Step 2:
    Replace "XXXXX" with your ClickBank ID in the URL below.

    If you want to get advanced tracking features, the ClickBank help page "all about hoplinks" might help you.

  • Step 3:
    Sign up on the affiliate notification e-mail list so I can keep in contact with you just in case there is anything new added to the product or if there will be any special promotions, etc. This will be important in the future. I send out VERY FEW emails to this list (maybe 1-4 emails per year), so relax about your inbox being flooded.

  • Step 4:
    Make sure to read all of the rules below, and then start promoting the course with your affiliate link! Whenever someone clicks your link and makes a purchase, you will get a 60% commission and be notified of your sale by checking your ClickBank stats. Additional information can be found at the ClickBank Affiliate Help page, if you need it.


Do's and Don'ts

GOOD Money Making Ideas:

  • If you have a blog or website, you can use the banner images below to place in the side bar or on a blog page. Have the image be clickable with your unique affiliate link.

  • If you have an E-Mail list or newsletter, you can send out a recommendation for the course with your affiliate link. Here are pre-written emails you can use. These pre-written emails are meant to be templates and boiler plates for someone just starting a list in this niche. For established photography lists, it's best to finesse or edit the text according to your needs.

  • If you have a blog, you can write a review of the course and then refer readers to your affiliate link.

  • Creating Pay Per Click Advertisements and Facebook Ads to send traffic through to your affiliate link. Here is a list of keywords you can use.

  • Recommending the course on your Twitter or Facebook posts, telling your friends how helpful the course is.

  • Recommending the course to a friend via e-mail, instant messenger, on a forum etc.

  • You are allowed to use any of the images on the salespage for your marketing (just right click the image then click Save As). If for whatever reason you need more images, here is a zip folder of extra images you can use for your marketing.


NON-Acceptable ways to promote this online course:

  • Mass Spamming of any kind (this will get you immediately blacklisted if found).

  • Blasting out unsolicited e-mail messages to an e-mail list or that you do not own.

  • Anything that is shady, risqué, insincere, or dishonest.

  • Anything that has false or dishonest advertising. This includes advertising the product as a "free download" or saying that Photography Masterclass will be removed from the internet after a certain period of time.

  • Illegally using copyrighted images that have been created by other photographers other than myself in your marketing material without having their permission, especially if the images are completely unrelated to what is taught inside the course, if you are using hundreds or thousands of them, and esspecially if the advertising untruthfully implies that said photographer(s) endorse Photography Masterclass. If you want to use images that have not been created by myself to promote Photography Masterclass, you can use stock images, Creative Commons images, or any image by another photographer (as long as you have their written permission). Ideally, the image should somehow relate to what is taught in Photography Masterclass.

  • Posting your affiliate links in places that do now allow them. Read the legal Terms of Conditions on the site/forum you want to promote on to be sure the site doesn't look down upon affiliate links. And remember not to spam.

  • Using dishonest SEO practices (ex. gathering hundreds of names of photographers and then creating affiliate redirection links where each URL that has been created includes their name at the end of the URL in order to try to get people to click on your link in search engine results). This is spam and will get you blacklisted.

  • You are not legally allowed to resell this product through means other than this affiliate program. You are not legally allowed to resell this product on e-commerce websites (ex. eBay), and if you do, the listing will just get reported and removed (usually within a few days).

  • In the end: Affiliates who promote my product through illegal or unethical techniques will not be tolerated. ClickBank can terminate your affiliate account and you will not be allowed to continue promoting products if they do so.

    If you have any questions regarding any of these guidelines, please email me.

Banner Ads

Below are some images you are free to use on your website, blog, or elsewhere. In order to have them displayed on your site, here is the "clickable image" HTML code you can paste on your site, just in case you forgot:

<a href=""> <img src="IMAGE.gif"> </a>  

Just replace XXXXX with your clickbank nickname, and replace IMAGE.gif (don't delete the surrounding the quotation marks) with the Image URL of one of the images below.

To get the Image URL of one of the images below, simply right click on the graphic and then click "Copy Image Location" (or something similar).

Once you have replaced XXXXX with your ClickBank ID and IMAGE.gif with your selected Image URL, the code is now complete. Simply copy and paste that HTML code on to your website and you now have a clickable banner ad. If anyone clicks on that ad and ends up buying the product, you will get a commission.


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