Do you own a DSLR but still take average, boring photos?

“Now You Can Master Any DSLR Camera And
Take Gorgeous, Attention-Grabbing Photos By
Following Step-By-Step Video Tutorials!”


“Use your computer, laptop or smart phone to get expert advice with easy-to-follow instructions whenever you need it!”

Hi there,

Evan Sharboneau here…

As you may know, I have helped thousands of photographers create stunning images using digital cameras.

Above is an example of a recent personal work - these are the types of images you'll be learning to create inside my photography training course!

Now, I’ve got something NEW for you – and it’s very cool.

After helping beginners for 5 years, I see exactly what’s stopping you from taking photos that really impress your friends and family… and will sell online, at shows, and even galleries.

So if you’re struggling to get the most out of your camera and finally be recognized for your own amazing photographs, then what I’m about to share will make you extremely happy…

I Used To Be Like You

Look, I understand how it feels to compare your own photographs with what we see in magazines, books, and online forums.

As a beginner, it’s not only frustrating but can get depressing, wondering “how was that shot taken?”… thinking “it’s probably because they have a better camera than me”… or “I’ll take photos that good, eventually”.

Like you, I didn’t know the secrets. I couldn’t afford expensive cameras or classes. But I wanted to take good photos TODAY, not “someday”…


Are These Questions And Concerns Stopping You From Becoming A Better Photographer?

Bad Photos Are Not Your Fault

Old photos of mine shot back when I was the typical average photographer, unaware of how my images could be improved. Do your photos look like these?

So many new photographers and hobbyists get stuck on buying equipment. And they spend months hunting for ways to improve their skills.

Yet, after all that, your photos are average. Or worse.

Here’s the truth: it’s really NOT your fault!

I’m telling you, I’ve spent hundreds of hours digging through blogs and forums, reading books and manuals, watching YouTube and DVDs.

Guess what. After going through ALL of the training material out there, I’ve found NONE that will turn you into a pro, step-by-step.

They always have missing pieces. Questions without answers. Nobody says exactly how the best images are made.

You’re just expected to “spend a lot of time practicing”!

People believe that’s a good thing, but it can actually be wasted time and energy. Doing something over and over again is exhausting. It takes years to figure stuff out and become a professional that way… if you get there at all!

There’s a better strategy…

It Takes Years To Become A Professional… If You Don’t Know The Shortcut

These shots were taken by me after I learned the secrets of professionals…

How did I go from beginner to having photographs showcased and featured on DeviantART, Flickr, print ads, billboards, posters, magazines, and book covers?

Well, I never took classes. Anywhere. Ever.

Instead, I went around my town and shot photos with an entry-level DSLR, a Nikon D50.

My first attempts were “ordinary”, nothing special. Online I saw photos better than mine and literally thought they were mysterious. I couldn’t figure out how they did it!

But then… I discovered a few BASIC PRINCIPLES that make it possible to take good photos, every time, no matter what camera’s in my hands.

With these principles, I can take a couple shots and feel comfortable knowing at least one will be a “keeper”.

It’s WAY BETTER than digging through 100 shots hoping that one is just “okay”.

Now I’m aware of WHAT to look for… WHEN to photograph… HOW to get the shot I want. And I can be sure that a photo will be good – even before it’s taken.

It’s like I found a reflex that just “knows” when to click the shutter!

Seriously, this changed my life…

How To Quickly Learn Everything You Need To Create Amazing Photographs

Your shots CAN look like these! Here's how…

Let’s be real: after getting a DSLR you found it takes more than reading the manual to get professional results from it.

Then your hunt for more information and answers began.

But there’s a TON of information about photography, and it’s so unorganized!

I learned by doing meticulous research, putting it all together on my own. After spending years of applying what I discovered, I began sharing with friends online.

Nobody prepared me for the flood of questions about landscapes, portraits, studio photography... and my weird ability to just grab a camera and start taking great photos without any effort whatsoever.

Now I've got the answers you're looking for, and they're here on this website.

Just Imagine Being Able To…

Choose the right DSLR on a budget and still get all the desired features

Properly hold a DSLR and stop looking like a complete idiot out in the field

Stop taking boring photos that nobody cares about and start taking creative, memorable photos worth sharing and selling

GET CRISP, CLEAR SHOTS when photographing anything, including people, objects, and landscapes

Avoid the 6 common beginner mistakes of COMPOSITION and easily create brilliant images instead

Finally grasp a complete understanding of Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO for total control over MOTION and DEPTH OF FIELD

Learn the “secret” time of day when most professional photos are shot

Understand Exposure and Metering so pictures won’t be too bright or too dark, but “just right”

Properly select the right WHITE-BALANCE setting on your camera and stop worrying about photos coming out too orange or having washed out colors

Select the BEST LENSES to create appropriate, proportional, non-distorted, aesthetically pleasing images… no matter the situation

Take JAW-DROPPING panoramic shots

Use FOCUS correctly and know what focus points to avoid in a scene

Choose the BEST EQUIPMENT, including flash, filters, camera bag, tripod, tripod head, batteries, battery recharger, strap, camera mount, and memory cards

Use external FLASH to control motion, remove red-eye, add drama, and give your images an edgy, high-class, professional look…

Use FILTERS to control light coming through the lens, remove glare, and even make the colors in a scene appear more saturated

Get NATURAL HDR shots that don’t look fake or “over-done”

Correctly decide when to use a TRIPOD – and know when it’s dumb to use one

Capture sharp, correctly exposed photos in LOW-LIGHT SITUATIONS… with no motion blur or noise

Take stunning photographs at NIGHT with or without using a flash or tripod

Know where to put LIGHTS in relation to your subject/model and how to control the mood of portrait photos

Choose effective LIGHT MODIFIERS, including umbrellas, soft boxes, beauty dishes and grids to establish the mood of the image (do you want the image to be dark, dramatic and shadowy? Soft and pleasing? Bright and happy? Do you want soft pools of background light? When would you want light to create texture across surfaces, and when wouldn't you?)

Know how to select a SOFTWARE package that fits your needs and budget

Correctly EDIT IMAGES in post-production using Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom and Adobe® Photoshop® software

And much, much more…

Others started applying my advice and the results were pretty amazing…

Photo by someone who took my advice

It felt great when they started getting the same results as me…

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It

“People thought my photos were from a travel magazine!”

Why Does This Work So Much Better?

The principles I discovered can turn nearly anyone into an “expert photographer”. When it comes to getting better shots, you’ll be AMAZED at how well they work.

And these principles are essential if you want photography to be a secondary or even full-time income.

Yet this information is hard to get. It’s either hidden from the general public or scattered all over the place, unavailable in one location for easy access.

NOW HERE’S THE SOLUTION: Everything you must learn to take professional quality images is on this website.

You can finally start using your camera with confidence. Start taking your own amazing photographs that people will rave about and even pay money for, if that’s your goal.

Listen, I’m willing to tell you everything because I’m not afraid of competition.

After being published all over the world, I’ve learned that it’s actually more fun and rewarding to share what I discovered… the very same information that launched my career.

My favorite part is when people send photos after using what I taught them.

Bottom-line: it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or have been struggling with photography for a long time… I want to help you.

To make it easy, I took a video camera and recorded answers to all the top questions, and more.

I carefully demonstrate how to use exposure and aperture, lenses, lighting, composition, software, and many other topics that people find difficult or confusing.

What’s better, I’ll show you how to succeed…

And remember… this information applies to EVERY DSLR CAMERA YOU WILL EVER USE. No matter what camera you own or borrow, my videos reveal exactly how to get the results you want.

It’s right here: the guaranteed fastest way to improve your photography…

Photography Masterclass

photography masterclass

Photography Masterclass is a set of 29 videos totaling 11 hours and 26 minutes of in-depth training that will show you how to get the most out of any DSLR camera.

Each video thoroughly explains something you need to know to become a better photographer…FAST.

I created the Masterclass after noticing how many people struggle with their cameras, unable to take great photographs. And judging by the results others have achieved because of the step-by-step video tutorials, I’m confident this will help YOU too.

These videos are hosted and streamed online so you can watch them immediately, from any device with a web browser and internet connection.

And I separated the 29 videos into 4 Modules for quick, easy reference. You can go through them from start-to-finish… or watch what’s important for you now and next time you’re stuck, come back for more information and inspiration.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Photography Masterclass

Module 1: Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera

Number of videos: 9
Total running time: 2 hours, 26 minutes

Get a comprehensive walkthrough of DSLR camera functions; find out the best settings for just about any situation you’ll experience as a photographer.

After this training you’ll have a practical understanding of how the camera works, which is much better than simply reading the manufacturers instruction booklet.

Highlights of Module 1 include:

  1. Comprehensive training on fundamentals that apply to every DSLR camera – it doesn’t matter what camera you have or borrow, as long as it’s a DSLR.
  2. Getting comfortable in Full Manual Mode where you have total control over the Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Focus, White Balance, Flash Modes, Metering Modes, and Shooting Modes
  3. Shooting Indoors, Outdoors, Bright Environments, Low-Light Landscapes, Low-Light Stills and many other situations
  4. Learn all you need to know about shooting in RAW
  5. Learn how to correctly read a histogram
  6. And More…

Using your camera will be natural and intuitive after completing Module 1. Imagine knowing what every setting and button does – and when to use them. You’ll finally be comfortable in full Manual Mode! Value: $97 - Knowing how to master a DSLR camera is easily worth that, but you can do it for less because I’m giving a special offer today.

Module 2: Photography Equipment

Number of videos: 6
Total running time: 2 hours, 33 minutes

Receive a complete introduction to photography equipment; know what gear is essential and what products should be avoided, and why.

These insights will help you create better photos, save you a lot of time and potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Equipment reviewed in detail:

  1. Camera Bodies
    What should you look for in a camera bodysince all DSLR cameras take good pictures? Who is the best person to talk to before buying any camera? When should you buy the cheapest DSLR – not the latest model?
  2. Camera Features
    When is updating your camera a bad idea? What sensor size should you get? When does being able to take photos with a fast Frames Per Second (FPS) rate matter? Why does megapixel count not matter?
  3. Lens Types and Configurations
    Why are lenses the most important thing you’ll buy? Should you buy brand-name or third-party lenses? What Focal Lengths should you consider? Are specialty lenses really worth the money?
  4. Filters
    What 4 filters does every serious photographer own? Should you buy filters that are coated, or not? When should a filter be used, and when should they be avoided?
  5. Lighting
    Should you use monolights or speedlights? Why should you care about using TTL? Are manual flashes safe to use? What are the best wireless flashes? What light modifiers should you start with?
  6. Accessories
    All the miscellaneous stuff you need but haven’t thought about yet. What are the best batteries to have in your kit? The best strap? What type of storage solution is best for your kit?

You’ll see all the equipment in action and how it applies to the “big picture”. I also give pricing tips so you won’t get ripped off. This is critical information when deciding what to buy next!

Value: $77 - I know that’s a reasonable price for Module 2, but I’m going to charge less because I’d rather you put the money toward equipment.

Module 3: Composition and Shot Planning

Number of videos: 9
Total running time: 3 hours, 35 minutes

Module 3 is everyones favorite. Here I reveal the secrets of the pros; how to create your own brilliant, captivating, and memorable photographs.

This power can literally change your life for the better. It worked for me and has worked for hundreds of other photographers too.

If you want to “crack the code” and get to the next level, whether it’s freelancing, selling your photos, getting published, being recognized online or locally… or whatever goal would truly make you happy… this information is the key to getting there.

I’ll be showing you the following:

  1. Universal mistakes everybody is doomed to make when starting off in photography and how to avoid them
  2. What makes a good photo and what makes a bad photo
  3. Psychological Triggers
  4. Framing, Balance, Color
  5. The Rule of Thirds
  6. Leading Lines
  7. Symmetry & Pattern
  8. Depth of Field & Field of View
  9. Dynamics, Motion & Mergers
  10. Outdoor Light Management
  11. Light Set-Ups for aesthetically pleasing portraits
  12. And More…

Please understand, the principles taught in Module 3 have transformed new and struggling photographers into global icons. This stuff is at the core of major careers. Applying these methods will build the foundation of your success.

Without Photography Masterclass you’ll spend years searching and experimenting to learn these concepts. I know because thats what it took me to grasp the principles myself!

Also, you can expect to have better results the next time you’re out in the field because I demonstrate these concepts with detailed examples.

Value: $197 - Believe me, I could easily charge that for Module 3 and it would be a bargain. But I know some who aren’t prepared for that kind of investment so today it’s available for a much lower price.

Module 4: Post-Production and Software

Number of videos: 5
Total running time: 2 hours, 52 minutes

What software do you need? That depends on how many features you want.

In Module 4 you’ll see:

  1. An honest comparison of Adobe® products
  2. A condensed tour that’ll help you decide what software is best for you right now
  3. How to download trial programs and use all of their features without spending a dime
  4. How to professionally develop images inside of Adobe Lightroom®
  5. How Photoshop Elements® can give professional results on a budget
  6. How to use the full version of Adobe® Photoshop® to edit and create extra-ordinary images

These are “no-fluff” video tutorials. In fact, there are hundreds of functions that I don't use. Instead I focus on tools that deliver the results I want, showing you how to get the most out of your time at the computer.

Value: $97 – Deciding how much to charge for Module 4 was difficult. I don’t cover every tool in the software, but I do show how to use the best, most relevant ones to turn mediocre photos into stunning scenes. That could help improve many of your older shots.

That said, I think this price is fair, but today I’m offering it for less…

What Does It Cost To Join
Photography Masterclass?

First, this is a special offer with a low price, and that could change at any moment.

Also, the bonuses that I’m going to tell you about may only be available for a limited time.

But don’t worry! I’m just giving you a fair warning.

Please understand the information I’m sharing is extremely valuable.

You’re going to learn the same principles used by professional photographers, and some of them are impossible to find elsewhere…

“There’s critical information here that was missing
from my $2,500 class at a private art college”

She said it: you could spend $2,500 attending a college class but still not learn as much as you will right here on this website.

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that much.

Remember, I experimented for years to completely grasp this stuff… reading all the tutorials, books and blogs out there… taking countless photos and finally getting published around the world.

And my experience and proven knowledge is being handed to you on a silver platter!

“Your Video Series Is Filled With Awesome Information And Resources!”

So while this information is valuable, and though it took me years to find it, apply it, and distill it into bite-size pieces that a child could understand… it’s going to cost much less than you think.

It’s going to be much less than hiring me to teach you 1-on-1.

And it’ll cost far less than learning photography by trial and error, where you can spend money on useless equipment… waste months or years trying to figure everything out… AND STILL get zero photographs that you’re proud to show off…

But I’m Giving You Even More

You’ll be receiving nearly 12 hours of video, but I’m adding 3 bonuses to help you get the most out of your photography sessions.

Bonus #1: DSLR Camera Equipment Guide

To compliment Module 2, I created a 50-page PDF e-book guide to Camera Equipment. You can download it now and use it the next time you go shopping.

Inside this guide is advice to determine what equipment is best for your budget and immediate goals. I also discuss long-term planning and what equipment will make sense in the context of future upgrades.

Inside the Camera Equipment Guide you will learn about:

  1. Camera Bodies
  2. Camera Features
  3. Lens Types and Configurations
  4. Filters
  5. Lighting
  6. Accessories

Value: $37
Filetype: Adobe® Acrobat® PDF

Bonus #2: Portrait Mood Simulator

This is a complete reference file with examples of how common light modifiers affect portrait photographs. Reviewing this before a shoot will save you time by giving an idea of what light modifiers should be chosen based on the desired mood.

You receive a high resolution PSD file as well as a quick-reference JPG that can be opened by any device.

Value: $12
Filetype: Photoshop® PSD, JPG

Bonus #3: Virtual Lighting Simulator

The Lighting Patterns and Style Samples is a reference file showing lighting setups and how they affect portrait photography. Knowing how these lights affect your scene will make an indoor shoot easier to setup. This will also give you ideas and inspiration for lighting your subjects.

You receive a high resolution PSD file as well as a quick-reference JPG that can be opened by any device.

Value: $19
Filetype: Photoshop® PSD, JPG

The Unbelievable, 60-Day
100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
“Your Photos MUST Get Better
Or I’ll Send Your Money Back!”

Look, if you join Photography Masterclass and then voluntarily decide to keep taking average, boring photos, just let me know because thats your choice. And if you go down that road, I’ll gladly refund your money.

In fact, you have a full 60 DAYS to watch all 685 minutes of video at no risk.

If you don’t take it seriously, you can go through the entire Masterclass in 12 minutes a day and STILL have time to spare. And THEN you can choose to keep it or not.

But if you go faster, you could see improvements in your photos by tomorrow or even later today.

What if you did nothing for 58 days, but watched the videos on day 59? I guarantee you’ll see they’re worth keeping. Otherwise, you can get a full refund by sending a quick email to me.

All I ask is that you give it a try…

Join Photography Masterclass
For An Amazingly Low Price!

Join today for all 29 Videos and 3 Bonuses at ONE LOW PRICE:

Module 1: Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera……$97
Module 2: Photography Equipment…………………$77
Module 3: Composition and Shot Planning……….$197
Module 4: Post-Production and Software………….$97
  Total Value: $468…
Bonus #1: DSLR Camera Equipment Guide………$27
Bonus #2: Portrait Mood Simulator…………………$13
Bonus #3: Virtual Lighting Simulator………….…..$19
  Total Value: $59…

Please remember these are the very same strategies I used to finally start earning good money as a photographer.

Because I go straight to the facts, and my experience is proven, my 1-on-1 consulting fee is $100/hr. So hiring me to teach you this material would cost $1,150… if I even had the time.

By watching recorded videos instead you get everything I would be teaching you 1-on-1 plus more, at a fraction of the cost!

Now, pay attention. The total value of Photography Masterclass is $527, but right now you can get it for a fraction of that cost with a 60-DAY 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - something not offered anywhere else!

You’re not going to pay $527.

You won’t pay $257.

In fact, today you won’t even pay $147.

Now you can join for only $59!

This Is Not Available Anywhere Else

Photography Masterclass is the result of many years of experience with DSLR cameras. Inside you’ll see my unique process, including tutorials on how to create real attention-grabbing images.

It’s impossible to get my exclusive strategies anywhere else.

And because of that, only Masterclass members will know how to create stuff like this:


Learning similar techniques from books, forums, and blogs can be extremely difficult, as you know.

Plus, the only time to get Photography Masterclass at this low price is right now.

So act fast if you want to in.

What Real People are Saying

Yes, it's true! Here are real comments by photographers who used my older training videos to improve their skills. I’ve put even more usability and value into the Masterclass.

Here’s Everything You Are Getting Today

Just imagine you had all the information required to master DSLR cameras and take gorgeous photos. That knowledge available is inside Photography Masterclass.

And remember, the course videos are streamed from the Internet, so you can view them immediately from any device, even a smart phone. The bonuses are available as digital downloads.

Here’s what you’ll have access to after joining:

Total Value: $527

Available Now for Only $59!

Truthfully, I know you’re going to be so happy when you get these videos and bonuses.

With over 11 hours of video this is the most comprehensive digital photography training system available today – even going beyond classes at most colleges and universities.

You can watch the videos right now with any device connected to the Internet.

Even if it’s 2am and you’re photographing stars from a mountaintop… on a Hawaiian beach capturing the sunset… or taking pictures of a friend at the park… you’ll have instructions to help you get the best photos possible.

In summary, Photography Masterclass is the fastest way to get comfortable with a DSLR and taking better photos, and I am giving you 2 FULL MONTHS to try it RISK-FREE!

What To Do Right Now

Relax, joining Photography Masterclass is very simple.

Just click the Add To Cart button below and enter your credit card or PayPal details on the next page to get lifetime access for only $527 $59.

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When the order is confirmed, your browser will be automatically redirected to this website’s membership area. There you’ll enter a new username and password. These credentials can be used to access the site from any device with a web browser.

Once inside, you can start watching the videos and downloading the bonus materials.

By this time tomorrow you’ll be a better photographer!

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Here’s the deal: This is a serious opportunity to gain pro-level skills and begin taking photos that you’ll be proud to share and sell.

You can start with any DSLR. I’ll show you how to get the most out of it. And when you’re ready to upgrade, the videos have advice to make a good buying decision and show you how to use that new equipment.

My point is, no matter what camera or skill level you have, Photography Masterclass will help you get even better.

So go ahead: click the Add To Cart button for lifetime access.

And don't forget: I look forward to you sending me examples of how much your photos improved. With your permission I’ll show them off right here on this page!

To your success,

Evan Sharboneau

P.S. Let me repeat: Photography Masterclass is THE shortcut to unlocking your creative potential. With my help you’ll start building a real portfolio – maybe even a legacy.

Seriously, if you want to finally master a DSLR camera and start taking photos worth sharing and selling, you should buy now…

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P.P.S. Don't worry! This is the only program of its kind with “The Unbelievable, 60-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee”. College courses, books and DVD programs don’t offer you that. You can watch ALL my training, and if – for whatever reason – you decide it’s not for you, I’ll gladly issue a full refund. No questions asked.

And listen, if you don't buy now… if you leave and come back later… the price could be much higher. I’m only running this crazy low special for a limited time.

Remember you’ll have nearly 12 hours of video training and 3 extra bonuses. And you can access it all from any device with an internet connection…

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P.P.P.S. Here’s the thing: you made it this far and there must be a reason. You obviously want to be a better photographer. But maybe tutorials haven't worked for you in the past. Maybe you subconsciously believe that you’re destined to be average – or that your skills cannot get better.

Trust me, Photography Masterclass works – even for you. If you put a little faith into this program, watch the videos and try the examples, you’re going to see dramatic changes in your ability to handle a DSLR.

But, if you don't give it a chance, if you ignore this opportunity and try to do it all on your own, I can practically guarantee you’ll suffer frustration. And rather than getting better, things could get worse. You might even give up photography altogether because you never experienced how easy it can be.

Instead, make the best choice: Click the Add To Cart button and see your photos improve…

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